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Can you catch the longest tagged fish??? Sign up now and win more money!  You may only sign up for Big Trout contest until the start of the derby on Saturday morning... so get registered now!



All registered fishermen may also elect to participate in the Big Trout Contest. To be eligible, each participant must contribute an additional $5.00 prior to the start of the tournament. the qualified participant catching the largest tagged trout (2024Tags) will not only recieve the sponsered amount for the trout caught, but will also recieve 50% of the funds collected for the Big Trout Contest. The trout must be checked in to headquarters in live condition as determined by trounament judges. The winner will be determined by the length of the tagged trout. In the event of a tie, the proceeds will be split evenly among the winners.

2 Age Groups 16 and over and 15 and under

Big Trout Contest

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